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May 17, 2012 4:30am PDT
half of the children born in the united states. 2010 census figures found the minority make-up increased by almost 2% to include over 36% of the total u.s. population. much of that growth was fueled by higher than expect hispanic count. weak economy has slowed immigration rates into the country. >>> members of a watchdog group in washington are calling attention to a medical bill getting fast tracked through congress they say it is shortchanging the safety of patients this involves medical implant devices such as hip replacements, an knowing the use of new devices without testing as long as they resembled devices previously approved even if the originals went through a recall for safety defects. richard carp per had hip -- -- >> got into my muscle and they had to remove 10% of my muscle. they are not going through the approval they take the same chances i took and what happened to me? >> doctors had to replace his metal hip last year when he found out the first hip had not been thoroughly tested. >>> new research shows caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee drinkers can live
May 28, 2012 4:30am PDT
80s to mid 90s from the east coast into the central united states. severe weather could affect detroit, chicago, st. louis, dallas those would be areas for possibility of delays. use our flight tracker at at the bottom. >>> this morning there are new questions being asked about the structural integrity of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the sacramento bee is reporting caltrans' records show a builder may have compromised the tower. the builder did not report a section of concrete in the foundation failed to harden before it was tested and that failure meant no examination or repair was done. also, records show two of the piles built to whole the main tower were not tested -- to bill the main tower were not tested properly. >>> two lightning caused fires in the national forest have grown to 122,000 acres. winds are -- lighter winds are helping. fires burned a dozen homes and threatening a privately owned ghost town. homeowners are waiting and worrying. >> really hope that if anything is destroyed by fire that people have a good spirit and they can rebuild. >
May 4, 2012 4:30am PDT
still ongoing the united states was caught in the middle when the activist made a daring escape and traveled to the u.s. embassy. when he agreed to leave the embassy he did not know his wife had been beaten >> china's foreign ministry says chen can stud a broad. a possible resolution to this crisis. tahman bradley. >>> scientists turn to old technology, using an zeppelin to search for meteor fragments that crashed two weeks ago. it is based at move fit field in mountain view using -- moffitt field in mountain view. scientists say it is perfect because it is fly low and slow recovering the meteor many -- >> formation of the planet, origin of life and our planet it goes back to the beginning. >> those fragments are scattered for hundreds of miles. experts believe most are concentrateed east of sacramento. when it entered the as not fear it weighed more than 150,000 pounds now it is scattered all over. >>> you folks heard terry referencing the big full moon tomorrow, making people do crazy things. >> we don't need a full moon for that here. >> no, it will be interesting to see cinc
May 10, 2012 4:30am PDT
they searched a storage unit in richmond. he is being held in a juvenile home on $2 million bail. >> teacher unions are expected to take vote today and if necessary call a strike. a state mediator is working with the district to find a compromise talks which school officials say is at an impasse. the current contract expires on jl first. district is demanding $30 million in cuts in teacher salaries and benefits. they are preparing to issue 218 pink slips by the may 15 deadline because of state budget cuts. >> eric: today 18th annual bike to workday. they expect record participation one reason is the number of cyclists has increased by 70% in the last five years. the there will be convoys and floirj stations and you can go to our website for more information on the location on bike to work back activities. >> i think record-breaking could happen today. weather seems like it's going to cooperate. >> let's teek check with mike and see what the forecast holds. >> it's cooler. three degrees warmer in antioch but everybody else about 1-6 degrees cooler. where does it but the our temperatures. anti
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4